Advanced Techniques Using Facial Implants and Body Contouring

This advanced workshop is part of the Masters Educational Series – Super Lab – and will take place on Sunday, June 9, 2019 (Facial Implants) & Monday, June 10, 2019 (Body Contouring Implants) – Las Vegas, NV. Brought to you by Implantech, Superior Patient Aesthetics. To register by phone or for additional information – please contact: Karen Hawkins (Phone: 800.733.0833, Email:

You’ll come away with today’s most effective techniques for achieving desirable outcomes using facial and body-contouring implants. In an advanced cadaver lab, you’ll be both hands-on and observing as experts discuss, demonstrate and supervise. Please note: Schedule may change.

YOUR 1st DAY — Facial Implants
Hands-On Cadaver Workshop

Through discussion and doing, you’ll learn the most current techniques for aesthetically pleasing results using:

  • Chin and jaw-angle implants
  • Malar and submalar implants
  • Paranasal and nasal implants
  • Temporal augmentation
  • Patient-specific implants

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YOUR 2nd DAY — Body-Contouring Implants
Cadaver Demonstration

Your distinguished faculty introduces body-contouring implants, and then it’s into the cadaver lab to observe techniques using:

  • Gluteal implants
  • Pectoral implants
  • Calf implants

Also covered during both days: Challenging cases and managing complications.

CME Trainer Dr. Robert J. Troell is part of the Implantech training team offering both facial implant and body contouring implant courses. Please complete the form on this page to receive updated class schedules and registration information. THE PREVIOUS SUPER LAB WAS SOLD OUT.